Marine Prelube Kit Saves Engines

Have oil pressure on your marine engine oil system before startup and eliminate bearing wear and engine failure.

For all Boat, Sailboat, Powerboat, Speedboat, Runabout, Inboard Engines and Marine Engines and Motors.

You’ve all heard a lot of numbers thrown around, but it’s pretty common knowledge that at least 50% of all engine wear occurs at start-up.

This is due to the fact that the crankshaft drives the oil pump, which pressurizes the lubrication system.

Every time the engine is started, several hundred revolutions of the crankshaft can occur prior to the oil pump pressurizing your marine engine oil system to lubricate the bearings.

The longer your engine sits without running the dryer the start-up is and after only a few days, all the oil in the galleys and bearings has drained back into the oil pan.

With the Marine-Prelube System installed, filtered oil is stored in the accumulator tank ready to pressurize the lubrication system BEFORE the first revolution of the crankshaft.

This completely eliminates all of the wear due to dry bearing abrasion from engine start-up without oil pressure.

As soon as the ignition key is turned on, the lubrication system will start to pressurize and within only a couple seconds you will read pressure on your gauge giving you a fully lubricated engine start.

The accumulator tank is connected to the engine oil gallery with a hydraulic hose where the pressure-sending unit enters the block.

When the engine is running the solenoid valve on the Insta-Lube Kit remains open and the oil pump fills and pressurizes the accumulator tank.

The digital controller closes the solenoid valve when the highest pressure is stored in the accumulator making it ready for your next start-up.

The next time the key is turned on; the pressurized oil is instantly released to the engine to pressurize the lubrication system just as though the oil pump was running.

The Marine-Prelube Kit will work on all marine oil systems; inboard marine, powerboats, speedboats, runabouts and sailboats.